Now that Pharma is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, this growth opportunity further demands good talent across the level and functions to compete, sustain and grow.

Having recruiters with specialized experience in the Pharma industry, Practice Jobs, pharmaceutical recruitment agency fills the gap in pharma recruitment domain with comprehensive end to end talent acquisition solution.

Our domain experts having the knowledge of various job requirements takes care of all the technical and nontechnical jobs across the hierarchy.

And a separate dedicated team of recruitment professionals for various job roles further make it easy for our clients to get desired results.

Senior level management and Mid-level management

This includes leadership and managerial roles both in the technical and non-technical departments. Practice job has a separate experienced team to help our clients at the top level like CEO, CTO, President, Vice President, Head R&D, Sales head and more.

Technical roles

Our technical domain specialist tales care of the need in technical roles including Formulations, Diagnostics, New drug discovery, API’S, Biotech, Contract Research, Clinical Research - and more

Frontline sales hiring

Especially in the sales roles where there’s a huge churn in and churn out and there’s continuous need for good salespeople at the entry level. Our team uses a variety of mediums including social media to widen the geography and tap good talent. Our mass hiring teams are experienced in organizing walk-In’s & recruitment drives across the country so as to speed up your hiring process and reduce the cost of hiring.

Practice Jobs today strives to be one of the leading pharmaceuticals recruitment agency for pharmaceuticals experienced professionals and companies.